The Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with its partners and commercial agents, launched; 8 recall campaigns for outboard marine vehicles and engines for public safety and security reasons, from July to this September), which included 2,922 cars and marine engines for Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford, Yamaha, and Land Rover models.

The Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with “Al Tayer Motors” and “Premier Motors”, has recalled 3 major campaigns for Ford cars of various categories, amounting to 2,344 vehicles, including the 2020 Ford Expedition, Ford Pickup F-150, Lincoln Navigator and “Super Duty” 2020-2022, to check the left and right wiper arms, and with a number of 1309 cars, as there are in the recalled vehicles, the car windshield wiper arms may not work regularly, which may lead to the breakdown of one of the arms or its separation from the car, which may limit of vision under certain conditions.

In another campaign, 741 Ford EcoSport vehicles 2018-2019 to update the transmission computer programming, where engine vibration may cause the timing belt tensioner pulley to malfunction, which may lead to a loss of engine synchronization, and thus stop and damage the engine, and the sudden slowdown caused Stopping the engine increases the risk of accident or injury.

And in a third campaign, which included 294 Ford Bronco four-doors 2021-2022, in order to check the door latch, the rear door may be opened from inside the car despite the indication that the child safety lock is in the operating position, which increases the risk of injury to the rear seat passengers. Not wearing a seat belt.

In two other campaigns for Jaguar vehicles, which included 149 cars; Al Tayer Motors and Premier Motors have recalled the Jaguar F-PACE2021-2022 to check the headlights, and the Jaguar F-TYPE, F-PACE, XE and XF 2022 to check the doors of the seat belt pretensioner, as there may be concerns in the cars covered in this campaign. That the tail lights lamps do not meet the required specifications, and therefore part of the rear indicator may not light up correctly, and this may lead to the indicator not being seen from the rear of the car, which may cause accidents. In other vehicles, there is a concern that the front seat belt pre-tensioner tube installed in the belt retractor may be damaged and therefore may not function properly at the time of the accident, and may cause the belt to be completely reduced or absent in a collision, and may expose Passengers at risk of injury.

In a sixth campaign, it included 109 Land Rover Defenders, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar cars of 2022-2023 model, in order to inspect the seat belt pre-tensioner tube, There are concerns that the front seat belt pre-tensioner tube installed in the belt retractor may be damaged, and therefore may not function properly at the time of an accident, and this could cause a weakening or complete lack of belt tension in a collision, increasing injury levels.

In a seventh campaign, which included 3 Mercedes-Benz GL-CLASS models 253 and E-CLASS 2013 models 2019-2022 models, it was found that in the cars covered, especially those with four-wheel drive, the braids for the transmission may not conform to the specifications.

In an eighth campaign, it included 317 Yamaha outboard marine engines; By Al-Yousef Motors, in order to reprogram the electronic control unit to it, as there is a possibility that the ignition coils will be activated when the main switch is turned on due to improper programming of the engine control unit.

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