The Dubai Personal Status Court rejected a $200 million inheritance case brought by the wife of a deceased businessman in Dubai.

According to the case file, a 75-year-old Arab woman filed a lawsuit in August last year; She asked the court to confirm a will allegedly written by her Canadian husband, and claimed that he requested the execution of a will based on Canadian law regarding inheritance.

According to the will submitted to the court, the woman is granted possession of most of the man’s inheritance, including large sums of cash in various UAE banks, and more than 39 apartments, villas and land in various areas of Dubai.

According to the case file, the woman filed the case after the family of her late husband submitted an inventory request in court, and the family attorney told the court: The businessman died in October 2020, and the case was filed more than a year later after an inventory request was submitted by her clients to the court, And if the inventory request was submitted with the knowledge of the wife, after the court asked the wife to submit the original will that she claimed he wrote.

The woman claimed that she was unable to find the original, and submitted a photocopy of it during court procedures, and after failing to prove that the will was legitimate, or was registered in the UAE or Canada, the court rejected the case.

The family representative told the court that the forensic laboratory in Dubai compared the signature of the deceased on the photocopy of the will submitted by the woman with his signature on the passport, and it was proved that the signature on the two documents did not match. She also confirmed that Canada does not have any federal law on inheritance that can be implemented in this case, so the court rejected the will submitted by the wife, and the merits of the ruling stated that the court’s ruling could be appealed within 30 days from the date of its issuance.

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