As World Environment Day is celebrated around the world, the Museum of the Future advocates for a more sustainable future for all and encourages guests to make small changes to help protect the planet and its biodiversity.

World Environment Day is observed every year on 5 June to highlight the importance of protecting the environment. As part of Reflection Day, the Future Museum highlights the daily changes people can make to protect the planet and its natural resources, such as: B. less water consumption and the use of public transport.

Majed Al Mansuri, Deputy Executive Director of the Museum of the Future, said on the occasion: “We fully support World Environment Day and are taking our own steps to help protect the environment, such as: B. use of plastic-free packaging and reusable shopping bags. reuse and provision of water dispensers to reduce the use of plastic bottles.

“Protecting the environment and promoting sustainability are priorities for us, in line with the UAE leadership’s policy of promoting sustainable development. At the Museum of the Future, we use technology to shape the future and develop plans to address the present and future challenges facing the planet.”

Not only can guests charge their electric vehicle while touring the museum, but parking spaces are limited to encourage use of the Dubai Autonomous Metro, which connects directly to the museum via the Metro Bridge.

The museum attaches great importance to sustainability. The building itself is designed according to environmental and sustainability standards and is a role model for sustainability with forward-looking effects. In addition, most of its energy comes from the solar panels that cover its facade and it has a smart irrigation system for its garden, which contains more than 100 species of native and hardy plant species that can cope with Dubai’s hot climate. . Most of the hills are covered with succulent species commonly found in coastal areas of the Middle East. In addition, the museum devotes an entire section to climate change, as well as space and the future of well-being.

In addition, the Museum’s Future of Talks series, which features some of the world’s greatest scientific minds, aims not only to shed light on mankind’s pressing environmental problems, but also to organize and encourage dialogue, debate and discussion activities that contribute to them becoming more of a future. sustainable.

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