Dubai is known around the world for its stunning and captivating skylines and when in Dubai, what better way to capture the essence of the city than by seeing it from an aerial view. If you are on holiday, have friends and family visiting or just want to play the tourist for a day, here are some places that should definitely be added to your must-visit spots to give you the best aerial views of Dubai.

Ain Dubai

The newly opened Ain Dubai is a sight no one can ever get enough of. Currently the largest Ferris wheel in the world, it has 48 cabins and offers a variety of experiences, with a perfect option for everybody. Each rotation lasts for 38 minutes and will display a beautiful view of Bluewaters during the day as well as at night when all the lights in Dubai go on. Prices for the tickets start at Dhs 130 per person.

Dubai Frame

If you have ever wondered how far Dubai has come in its development in such a short period of time, then a visit to the Dubai Frame is definitely a must. Set 150 metres off the ground, guests can look at the older part of Dubai on one side and on the other side see the skyline as well as iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa. Prices are set at Dhs 50.

Burj Khalifa

Known for being the tallest building in the world, At The Top at Burj Khalifa has some of the most magnificent views of Dubai. Journey all the way up to levels 124 and 125 of the 160 levels of Burj Khalifa. While at the top, enjoy a 360 view of the city and also have a closer look at what Dubai looked like during different time periods, through the telescopes at the viewing deck. Prices start at Dhs 149.

The View at the Palm

Get a 360 view of Palm Jumeirah at The View at the Palm at Palm Towers. Palm Jumeirah are man-made islands and is now also home to many iconic landmarks. Located on Level 52, the view from up high is extremely captivating and also offers glimpses of Atlantis. Prices start at Dhs 100.

Sky Walk Dubai

Sky Walk Dubai is one of the latest attractions in Dubai and offers one of the best views. Located at Address Sky View Hotel, visitors can enjoy a stunning view of Dubai’s skyline while walking between two Sky View Towers in a safety harness. The Sky Walk bridge is also the longest footbridge between two buildings. Prices start at Dhs 85.

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